what fruit curbs appetite & aids weight loss?

For years doctors and researchers have been trying to unlock the mysterious connection between weight maintenance and grapefruits. This vibrant member of the citrus family has a bad rep on the fad diet list, but there may be some actual science to back up weight loss claims when added to a healthy, active lifestyle.

I’m not expert, but what I am an expert on is picking up on anything that can help cut corners in my effort to stay thin and feel great. A number of studies conducted over the years prove the link between 1/2 a grapefruit before every meal and a considerable amount of weight loss. Mind you, the participants were most likely significantly overweight so any change toward a healthier eating regime would show improvement but that’s besides the point. I’m intrigued so I wanted to find out more.

It seems like what’s really going on with our bitter-sweet friend is a property that moderates blood sugar. I have read that when you take the time to meticulously cut out every little piece (and you know you’ll never get it all) before eating a meal, the grapefruit stabilizes your blood sugar level so that whatever you eat after has a lower chance of causing a spike which means a lower chance of fat storage. And 1/2 a fruit boasts a mere 40 calories.

Often times the weekends can be a sabotage to an otherwise great week of eating flawlessly and exercising like a saint. We all know what it’s like to overdo it with a dark chocolate bar. Or go a bit appetizer crazy at Girl’s Night. Or select a seemingly balanced item off the menu only for it to be dripping in butter or oil. It sounds like 1/2 a grapefruit before ingesting a meal that is normally a diet wrecker may mitigate the damage.

I’ve been dabbling with having 1/2 a grapefruit once every couple days. I’m trying to be mindful of making sure to have some before a big eating spree but you really need to plan ahead. I find myself having some before or after dinner on the week nights, where I don’t technically need to block fat but I’ll take it where I can get it. And did I mention they taste WONDERFUL!


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