insanity diaries – day 5

Just completed my FIFTH official day of Insanity workouts!! Woohoo. Here’s what I’ve done so far:

1. P90X Plyo (I cheated) 2. Cardio Power & Resist 3. Plyo Cardio Circuit 4. Cardio Recovery & Fit Test 5. Pure Cardio

Today (Pure Cardio) was by far the most insane of them all. As I mentioned before, once you get through with the warm-up (cardio & stretching) you only have 20 minutes left on the clock so you’re thinking, no sweat! The actual workout in Pure Cardio is just over 15 minutes long but it is straight out 1-minute cardio intervals. Anyone familiar with interval training like myself will tell you that 30-second intervals can actually be breezy (Jillian Michael’s typically uses these, especially in her new videos). 45-second intervals are a bit more challenging, and it really depends on how what intensity of exercise you’re doing.

1-minute intervals are down right brutal. Especially after a warm-up that includes moves like ‘Heismans’ and ‘Mummy Kicks.’

Unlike the other videos I’ve tried so far from the Insanity line-up, none of the moves in Pure Cardio are repeated. 15 minutes straight of intervals may not be that bad however he starts you off with Switch Kicks and Suicides and brings you home with Suicide Jumps and Push Up Jacks. Woof.

But I’m alive! And loving it. If I wasn’t a seasoned vet in terms of plyo stuff and interval training I can confidently say I would never make it through these. I’m not sure this program is designed for people who are moderately to significantly overweight or who haven’t seen a gym in years. Most of the moves are ultra advanced and you’re pressured to move FAST. Often times I find myself wondering if I compromise form or speed in order to see the most improvement. This feels more like what can we do to kick the TRAINERS ass? Sounds like some of the ¬†participants in the video are trainers or spin instructors. And they are dying.

So how am I feeling so far? For the most part great. Other than feeling a bit under the weather for two days, I felt like I was coming down or fighting a bug. It did cross my mind that it may be my body adjusting to a shift in workout intensity and also eating patterns but I had that throaty/achy feeling that’s unmistakable for a virus of some sort. Feeling a bit better today and I’ve been determined to not miss a workout.

More than anything, I’m focused on eating right – planning ahead and not deviating from a set schedule. Insanity comes with an eating guide, I’m not following that exactly but the idea I’m going for is to have 300-400 calories every 2-3 hours. My diet each day has looked something like this:

7am: 1 egg/2 egg white omlette w/mushrooms, spinach, avacado. A bit of cheese, 80-100 calorie whole wheat bread, splash of ketchup.

10am: Serving of plain 0% Greek Yogurt with almond butter & strawberries

12pm: Hearty serving of homemade Turkey Chili with a slide of whole wheat bread, 1 medium apple

3pm: 1 pouch organic flax oatmeal (or any all natural, low sodium/sugar alternative) with walnut pieces

6pm: Tufu, veggies with whole wheat pasta seasoned with salt-free Mrs Dash (Fiesta Lime is the shiz)

8pm: 1 VitaMuffin Top – soo good!

Not sure how many calories but since I’m not new to controlling a diet, I’m trying to listen to my body and eat when it’s hungry. We’ve all read about the idea that when your body isn’t getting enough calories it can go to a semi or full-on starvation mode which is actually even worse than eating too much since everything you eat will be stored as fat. No fun! The Insanity workouts are fairly quick, only 40 mins or so in the first 4 weeks of the program so I’m not sure how many calories you’re burning but what I do know is jump-training ignites metabolism. I’m certainly more hungry than usual, so over the next week or so I plan to tweak my diet until I find the perfect balance.

In terms of body composition, I am feeling quite lean. Perhaps because this past week was my ‘lady week’ and I always feel extra fresh after going through that, but I do feel strong and lean. My body hasn’t been too sore, except for my calves. They have felt like knots each morning, but not so bad this morning. Other than that, I do feel a bit worn down but not sore in any other area. I’m not sure that I’m expecting to be ripped since there’s no strength training involved but with lots of lower-body explosive movements I’m anxious to see how I can transform those problem areas.

Although the Fit Test doesn’t ask you to take measurements, I’ve added a few to my Insanity calendar that I will track each day I do the Fit Test. Here’s where I am as of Day 4:

Bust: 33 1/4″ Waist: 27″ Hips: 38 1/4″ Upper Arm: 11″ Mid Thigh: 20 3/4″

Upper arms and hips are probably where I’m looking to change the most.

Tomorrow is my first rest day I’m pumped!


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