36broadway on being real

As humans, we feel an inclination to always put our best face forward. On a job interview. To family we may rarely see. Even to our nearest and dearest friends. It seems we’d rather stretch or even manipulate our true selves in an effort to mask weakness or failure.  At some point, or even in this very moment, we’ve all had people in our lives who do this more than others, and it’s those people who make it challenging to connect on a deeper level.

I believe in our journey to live more openly, honestly, and freely, we all have an obligation to be real. Especially to one another. We face challenges and we all have weaknesses that, as a matter of fact, make us unique and interesting. When we share our true thoughts and feelings, we become more relatable and people are drawn to us to make a connection. Have you ever loved a movie where all the characters led perfect lives and had no troubles? Opening up and owning our true story can be scary, but when we hide elements of our character or hardships we’re doing both ourselves and others a disservice. We chance falling even harder when the truth eventually comes out. And we leave interactions without a feeling of honesty or wholeness.

A good example comes from my recent commitment to Insanity. Of course I want to share my experience with family and friends. I would be doing myself and my progress a great disservice if I portrayed the program as being easy in an attempt to come across as exceptionally fit and disciplined. But what happens if in 70 days I haven’t made a huge transformation?  The truth is the workouts are a struggle, the eating plan takes adjustment, so if I do make a noticable change I will have overcome even more in the eyes of others.

Like most other life lessons, the first step is awareness. If we can be aware of the positive impact being real can have on our lives we can start to be mindful of being open and putting ourselves out there in many interactions with others. It is unrealistic to be real in every interaction all the time, and there are certainly scenarios where holding back the truth is necessary. But just imagine how much more connected and supportive the world would be if people took less time building themselves up and more time being real.


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