what’s the better choice, long grain or whole grain rice?

In the cupboard we have two bags of what appear to be brown rice – one ‘long grain’ and one ‘whole grain.’  My college-educated, smarty pants boyfriend asked a great question: What’s the difference? Which is the better choice?

The short answer is there is no difference. From what I can find, all brown rice is considered ‘whole grain.’ And long grain rice appears to be unique from brown rice in terms of consistency and taste – not nutrition. And it takes up to 50 minutes to cook. I’ve actually done this and you can get by with 30 minutes if you’re in a hurry.

However, what I did discover is if you’re counting calories, your best bet sounds like wild rice. This type also requires a good part of an hour to cook, but boasts a mere 166 calories per cup (vs. 200+ in most brown or long grain varieties). What’s also interesting is that wild rice isn’t even actually rice, but rather marsh grass. Yum!

So I will leave you with way more than you’ve ever wanted to know about wild rice here. I’m off to Whole Foods to stock up!


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