insanity diaries – day 13

I’ve got the best news I’ve heard in a while….

I MADE IT THROUGH WEEK 2!! And I haven’t had one single tortilla chip since I started.

Thank you, thank you, please hold the applause.

I don’t think I’ve shared yet officially, here I am pre-program in January, looking over my favorite city in New England…Providence! I do have official ‘before’ mug shots but I will be keeping those to myself.

Overall, I’m feeling great and settled right into the Insanity lifestyle.  The workouts are still killer but my eating goals have been going great and easier than I thought to manage. Let’s talk about food first.

So, this past workweek was a 4-dayer (love it) and each one of my days looked a bit like this:

7:30am: 1 egg/1 egg white omlette w/mushrooms, spinach, avacado. A bit of cheese, 80-100 calorie whole wheat bread, splash of ketchup.

10am: Serving of plain 0% Greek Yogurt with almond butter & strawberries. Some days just a full serving of the yogurt and fruit.

12pm: An apple & whole wheat pasta, chicken, veggies, EVOO, garlic. Other days Chicken Chili with White Beans & Chipoltes with a whole wheat pita

3pm: 1 pouch organic flax oatmeal (or any all natural, low sodium/sugar alternative) with walnut pieces

6pm: No salt added lentil soup with roasted veggies

8pm:  A serving of dark chocolate

Not bad, right? Now that I’m  used to this eating plan, I find occasionally only feeling extra hungry about an hour or so after dinner. In this case, I’ll usually have a piece of wheat bread with peanut or almond butter. It’s probably not the best thing to have shortly before bed, but I take the hunger to indicate that I’m a bit low on calories for the day and what always makes me feel super full is any combo of a good fat, protein, and carb. Plus this is usually the only food combo we have on hand that I haven’t already eaten in the day since we’re trying to buy only what we plan to eat each week (no snacky stuff!).

It’s Sunday night and I had another weekend of reasonable eating. Like I mentioned before, I’m trying to go from ‘cheat weekend’ to ‘cheat meal’ or ‘meals’ in an effort to fight weekend overeating. This weekend, my cheat meal was breakfast this morning at this fantastic place called Sound Bites in Somerville. Making the trek up there, especially this morning in the snow, is always worth it because they have breakfast picks to die for. Nothing is too greesy and you can tell that all their ingredients are extra fresh – how can they not be when the lines are usually down the street? So, I had the ‘Green Omlette’ with peppers, broccoli, onions & spinach with egg whites and no cheese. Wheat bread dry. And I barely touched the cinder block grilled garlic mashed potatoes they give you on the side.  That’s an ‘A’ in my book, however, the man and I couldn’t resist ordering Filled French Toast with Mango, Strawberries & Cream Cheese to share. Mmm mmm mm!! I’m always a sucker for a cheat that’s worth it 🙂

However, there will be no cheating allowed with the workout schedule. I have followed my plan to a ‘Shaun-T’ and even added Insane Abs a week early at the end of my Cardio Recovery Friday. I’ve done better ab moves (Jillian Michael’s 6 Week 6 Pack) but I was slightly sore the next day so he really works you because I can usually endure a lot of core.

I’d like to write a bit about my concern about the pace/intensity of these workouts. Yes, I love it and overall feel like I’m keeping up better that the average participant in Week 2. However, there are points where I feel like I’m going to die, even sometimes in the warm-up! So during these times, I am certain that my form is compromised. Big time. ST would throw me off the floor if he was here. But I’m a huge believer that if you don’t push through, you won’t improve as fast.

An example: Hit the Floors. These ALWAYS get me! I cannot tell you why, maybe it’s the timing in the video, maybe it’s because you jump up and reach up your arms then lunge down, touch the floor, whatever it is they have become my arch nemesis plyo move. Suicides I can do, they’re very similiar (touch the floor side to side) so apprently the combo of touching the floor AND jumping & reaching up just annihiliates me. Anyway, what I’m most likely doing during Hit the Floors is attempting the actual move 4 times or so and doing some sort of modification that probably looks like Suicides for the rest of the time. Is that ok? I guess it will have to be!

So if anyone is reading this because they’re considering starting the program, the workouts are a mixture of highs, lows, accomplishments, frustration and a whole lotta hard work. There are times where my body just doesn’t agree with what I want it to do. If you want more detail on each of the workouts this site really breaks it down and helped me prepare for just what I was getting into.

My second Fit Test is coming up in 2 days. I’m nervous but anxious to see if I’ve made an improvement. I don’t think I’ve shared before, so here are my results from the first round on Day 4:

Switch Kicks: 115

Power Jacks: 44

Power Knees: 94

Globe Jumps (1=4 total jumps): 9

Suicide Kicks: 17

Push Up Jacks: 15 (Admitting it’s almost impossible to do one with perfect form)

Low Plank Oblique: 68

I keep my schedule and results tracked on one big sheet. While I was putting it together, I found the first and last results of Tanya and the other guy who does the Fit Test with ST. Based on that, I estimated where my goal should be by checking out where Tanya was, so I prefilled my Final Goal before I had even taken the test. The good news is that I beat 2 of my final goals in the first round… Switch Kicks and Low Plank Obliques. Had to readjust!

I am off to Week 3. Jumping (literally) right back into it with Pure Cardio tomorrow morning!


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