insanity diaries – progress day 15

Starting Insanity wasn’t necessarily about the results. Why I really started was to take on a challenge I could own, and only I could get through. Something that would push my limits physically and mentally. And have an excuse to clean up my diet, which has been a long time coming. Any physical transformation or change in fitness level would be an added bonus. And a SWEET one at that!

So today I completed my second Fit Test and also took the first round of body measurements since starting. Like I said, I’m not focused on this and getting totally lean and cut up is not really what I’m going for. I don’t even expect it, to be honest, just because I’ve been working out forever and I feel like I’ve been as thin as I’ll ever be. It’s not really a driver…wellness and feeling whole are my drivers.

Here is where I’m at!

Fit Test

Switch Kicks              2/18: 115        3/1 : 130          Goal: 140

Power Jacks               2/18: 44          3/1 : 47            Goal: 65

Power Knees              2/18: 94          3/1 : 99            Goal: 100

Power Jumps             2/18: 38         3/1 : 41            Goal: 50

Globe Jumps              2/18: 9             3/1 : 11            Goal: 10

Suicide Jumps           2/18: 17          3/1 : 19            Goal: 20

Push Up Jacks         2/18: 15          3/1 : 19            Goal: 20

Low Plank Obliq    2/18: 68          3/1 : 75            Goal: 80

The idea is to take 1 minute each and push yourself to do as many reps as you can. I’m shocked that I improved in all of the moves, especially as much in Switch Kicks and Push Up Jacks. This really shows that doing this type of workout every week  has a huge impact on your fitness level and endurance. I’ve already exceeded 1 goal, and as you can see pretty close in a couple others. I’m very pleased!

Here’s my body measurement progress

Waist     2/18: 27″      3/1: 26.75″

Bust       2/18: 33.25″      3/1: 32.3″

Hips      2/18: 38.25″      3/1: 37.75″

Arm       2/18: 11″      3/1: 10.67″

Thigh    2/18: 20.75″      3/1: 20.75″

Wow! I do feel leaner, but I never thought it would translate into actual improvement. I’m really excited that I’ve moved the needle at least somewhat on my arm and hips. Interesting that my thigh hasn’t changed, since the work outs are heavily focused on lower body. Maybe I’ve been building muscle.

So far so good! I’m eager and confident to keep going, I’m so happy that I’ve seen a noticeable difference in only 15 days.


One Comment on “insanity diaries – progress day 15”

  1. Well done on the goal setting! Keep at it. I’ve found that making goals that are both challenging and attainable will bring the greatest success!

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