Fa-YAY! the wonders of greek yogurt

If you’re like me, there was a point in your life where the processed and artificial-ness of Activia was cause enough to give it up cold turkey. Luckily for me, this was right around the time Greek Yogurt entered my life. I was skeptical and weaning myself off the fake sweet, watery goodness commercial yogurt brands brainwashed us all into mistaking for real wholesome yogurt.

But once I acknowledged all the undeniably fantastic things about Greek Yogurt, I was hooked and have never looked back. Yes, it’s a taste and consistency that takes getting used to but so worth it. Greek Yogurt is like a highly concentrated version of all the good things about it’s distant cousin.

1. Lower sugar. Have you ever checked out the back of that Dannon container? Many types of regular yogurt have lots of added sugar. Yes, you need to watch out for high amounts of sugar in Greek Yogurt but typically only in the flavored kinds. Plain Green Yogurt usually contains <10g sugar per serving.

2. All natural. Regular yogurt companies may use artificial ingredients, preservatives, and milk from cows treated with who-knows-what. It’s always a smart choice to go with GY if only for quality of ingredients.

3. High protein. Non-fat dairy protein is complete and awesome for you, especially when included in a high-activity diet. Plain or Vanilla versions of GY boast more than 20g of protein per serving, compared to 5g in some of the leading regular yogurt brands.

4. Live active cultures. Same stuff that promotes regularity that most of the regular brands like to brag about. Oikos and Chobani have 5 LACs, Fage contains 2.

5. Versatility. Plain GY is not a far cry from sour cream, and can be used as a healthy nutrient packed substitute in a number of recipes. I’ve used it for baking, for dips, and as a base for sauce in a pasta dish to name a few.

Once you discover the creamy goodness of Greek Yogurt, ย it’s sure to become your new grocery store staple that you find yourself eating at least once a day. It’s certainly pricier than other yogurt alternatives, but without a doubt worth the extra cost. Try adding a high-fiber cereal, fresh or frozen fruit, and even almond or peanut butter for a quick, fulfilling snack.


8 Comments on “Fa-YAY! the wonders of greek yogurt”

  1. Deb Maher says:

    I’ve been eating Chobani for the past year – vanilla with 1/4 cup of granola mixed in. Great breakfast and, it’s helped me lose a whole lot of weight. Healthier than I’ve ever been. Thanks for the terrific and validating post!

  2. Thanks Deb, my pleasure! Happy to hear you share the love for GY! I usually have it as a snack after breakfast with berries & a little almond butter (yummy!), and even after dinner as a snack if I feel myself looking to snack ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. I used to make yogurt at home, its pretty easy very inexpensive & a bit time consuming ; of course you’re not doing anything during the time just waiting for the magic to happen

  4. Sara says:

    I love yogurt but I have also found I cannot tolerate the crazy sweet Yoplait Light versions either anymore–plus the sugar. But I bought plain Chobani and added some berries and OMG I thought I was going to gag….how do you had some flavor in there to taste like you are eating something other than plain yogurt? Maybe my yogurt to berry ratio was too small. Email me or comment here please?

    • Thanks for your question! ๐Ÿ™‚
      Well, plain chobani is pretty rugged. So I don’t think there’s much you can do to completely mask the taste, however, what helped ease me into it was adding frozen berries (let them thaw for a few minutes and they sort of melt into it) and a few sprinkles of cinnamon. Even a squirt or two of agave nectar or honey could do the trick.
      You could also add some of your favorite cereal, even a handful can add a nice crunch. Kashi GoLean is my personal fave!
      Or, try a lower sugar flavor alternative like Honey or, like Deb mentions below, Vanilla. After a week of Plain, the Vanilla flavor tastes like heaven! These are a bit higher in sugar but not as bad at the added-fruit flavors.

      • Sara says:

        Okay, gotcha! Thanks so much to you and Deb. ๐Ÿ™‚ I have yet to see the big container of Vanilla Chobani and the plain was a great price in the big container at Sam’s Club. Darn it! I will have to try it with vanilla because I do love that flavor + granola (I have a homemade recipe!) or fruit. I also have to remember to buy 0% because 2% is up there even in Greek yogurt in calories and fat.

  5. Deb Maher says:

    I don’t use plain yogurt for anything except as a substitute for sour cream. My favorite Chobani flavor is Vanilla. Great with either 1/2 cup blueberries, or 1/4 cup of granola (must measure, don’t guess). Tastes like eating a dessert for breakfast.

    • Deb – you read my mind! Vanilla is dreamy. I’ve totally tried this combo for actual dessert! So filling and no icky artificial hangover after like after eating icecream or cookies.

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