insanity diaries – day 30

If I haven’t already driven home the fact, I work out in the mornings. No excuses. I can’t remember the last time I worked out anytime after noon, even on the weekends and vacations. It’s just my thing.

Due to some technical difficulties this morning, no alarms were sounded so I ended up waking up at 7:40. This is just a bit too late to do Insanity before heading to work. Now I’m not opposed to being a little later into work, and if it was even 20 minutes earlier I would have justified sneaking in a 40min Insanity sesh.

So *gasp* I had to wait until after work to get Insane.

Luckily, my T-Rex-MS is very under control and I was feeling alive and energetic today. I bombed home, walked Lucy, and hit it hard.

Day 27 I mentioned starting to alternate the Max videos this week, along with Core, Cardio, & Balance. Tonight I jumped right into 55mins of Max Interval Plyo. I didn’t think working out at night would be a drastic change, but I really felt it. I was a little worn out from a day of work and even though I started strong, before the warm-up was over I started feeling draggy.

Max Interval Plyo is no joke. The warm-ups in the Max videos are different and slightly more difficult than the warm-up you’re used to from the first set of videos, so I suspect you  need to build up to them. The stretch section is a couple minutes shorter, and then it’s right into the madness. The workout uses similar circuit format to the Interval videos from the first set, but you face 45sec intervals instead of 30. I think you may even do 3 circuits of 4 moves plus a few extras but honestly I’m so tired I can’t even remember.

Shaun T uses variations to old favorite moves, and also introduces some new ones. Although it was called ‘Interval Plyo,’ there are a LOT of push-up flavors. Right in the middle of the video you find yourself doing Power Push-Ups – oh crap! It’s no excuse, but I’m a girl and my upper body strength is nothing compared to my lower body so I’m probably  below average at push-ups. This move requires you to do a push-up, and then jump your feet in so you’re in a bent over position. Then jump right back out into a push-up. And up again. It may sound  basic, but it’s killer and ST wants you to do it really, REALLY fast.

Also in this video are Level 3 Drills. We’ve mastered Level 1, pushed through Level 2, so now it’s time to take on Level 3! This involves (from a standing position) jumping back and out to do 16 push-ups, and then 16 mountain climbers. Jump up and repeat! I most definitely modified my push-ups for this one.

And you do that plyo move in the pic above. Yup.

Overall, it was a doozy to get through. I tried hard not to look at the countdown clock but couldn’t help it at some points! I remember seeing 17 minutes left and it felt like a lifetime. Yes, it was probably a combination of working out at a time where my body is naturally not used to, a little bit of the T-Rex-MS, and also the longest workout yet that I’ve completed. I’ll be up first thing in the morning for another go of Core, Cardio & Balance so I better rest up!


7 Comments on “insanity diaries – day 30”

  1. Sara says:

    You are one tough cookie! Good for you—-please send exercise motivation vibes of any kind my way! 🙂

  2. well done, i sometimes set my alarm to work out in the morning… it goes off, i snooze it and dont go. good willpower!

  3. vincidy9203 says:

    I do not know what to say, but I still want to say something ……. for you!

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