insanity diaries: day 35

This past week was supposed to be recovery, but I felt surprisingly drained and exhausted. Maybe it was because I tossed in 3 days of the Max workouts. Maybe it was because I started to feel particularly pre-menstrual which throws my appetite/sleeping habits for a tail-spin. Maybe it was because I caved and had a couple ‘tortilla chip nights.’ Whatever it was, I made it through but do not feel like I made much progress. However, I don’t feel like I fell behind this past week either.

Nonetheless, I did make it through Week 5. It may have been a big of a struggle, but I did it!

Here was my self-inflicted Insanity workout sched:

M 3/14 – Max Cardio Conditioning

T 3/15 – Core, Cardio & Balance

W 3/16 – Max Interval Plyo

T 3/17 – Core, Cardio & Balance

F 3/18 – Max Cardio Conditioning

S 3/19 – Pure Cardio

S 3/20 – OFF

I still haven’t done Max Recovery, so we will see what that workout is like later this week. I scanned the video and it looks like a lot of isometric movements and stretching. And I finally completed Max Interval Circuit this morning which is the longest of them all – 60 minutes. It’s almost surreal when you’re done with warming up and you still have 48 minutes to go! Similar to the other Max workouts, it’s 3 longgg circuits of 4-45 second moves each. Once you reach 20 minutes left, it seems to fly.

The nutrition guide mentions pumping up calories when you enter the second month, so I’m trying to be more mindful to have at least 300 calories every 2-3 hours. Ideally, it should be 400, but the snacks/meals I’ve been used to eating are less than that. I need to add a little bit here and there so I don’t end up starving every night or dragging in the longer workouts.

Here’s a sample meal plan for this week:

Breakfast:  1 egg, 1-2 egg white omelets, mushrooms, tomatoes, avocado, shredded cheese with 1 piece 100-cal bread. With 100-cal protein shake (350 calories)

Snack: Clif Bar (250 calories)

Lunch: Big salad with dark greens, ground chicken, pepper, cucumber, tomato, carrots with low-calorie organic balsamic vinaigrette. 1 apple. 1 Dark Mocha Almond Kashi bar (300 calories)

Snack: Serving of Vanilla Chobani with blackberries and almond butter (400 calories)

Dinner: Turkey Stoup OR stir-fry tofu with frozen veggies and brown rice (300 calories)

Snack: VitaMuffin (100 calories)


Hmm so I’d like to be eating somewhere around 1,900, so I’ll need to see how this goes. But look at all that food! I feel like that’s still plenty, so we’ll see how I feel at night. Usually after I’ve had dinner is when I’ll either feel satisfied or famished. I am doing super high intensity hour-long workouts so my body needs fuel and the RIGHT type of fuel. I will never make it through this next month if I’m not eating the right foods at the right time so that’s an area I will be working on.

I’ve been spending around $60 a week on groceries. In my past life, I could sometimes get by on half that. I think I’m buying a lot more lean protein and fresh produce – trying to load up on feel-good foods and if my mood and state of balance is a stake, I’d say that’s priceless!

I had also noticed last week that I wasn’t having very many carbs during the first part of my day. Big no-no! I didn’t realize it, but through lunch I was only having 1 piece of bread and some fruit with a lot of protein and good fat. So I decided to swap my mid-afternoon oatmeal snack to the morning like a normal person. This week I’m trying Clif bars as a mid-morning snack as they have the right balance of protein and carbs as my body is still recovering from Insanity.

So what’s on tap for this week? Check out my latest workout schedule to the left. I’m feeling very busy, but good busy. I’m putting as much time as I can without going crazy into 36broadway, so I’m certainly flexing my ‘passion’ and ‘creativity’ muscles. I love it and I hope others do too!

Also, tomorrow morning I will complete my 3rd official Fit Test. We shall see how I do in terms of reps for each of the 8 moves. I may wait until later this week to take body measurements, based on what’s been going on with the hormones. Can you blame me?


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