insanity diaries: day 43

So I’m not sure if you’ve heard, but the past SIX weeks of my life have been nothing but Insanity. Doesn’t that sound crazy? Hello it goes by fast. I’m alive but not without some battle wounds. And some potential concerns. I’ve had some highs and lows, and since my challenge with Insanity is so intertwined with starting 36broadway, I want to talk more about where I was, and where I am now.

I’ll start by sharing the results of my third official Fit Test. Here’s results from when I started, and where I came in last week:

Fit Test

Switch Kicks              2/18: 115        3/22 : 135          Goal: 140

Power Jacks               2/18: 44          3/22 : 53            Goal: 65

Power Knees              2/18: 94          3/22: 99            Goal: 100

Power Jumps             2/18: 38         3/22: 45            Goal: 50

Globe Jumps              2/18: 9             3/22: 12            Goal: 10

Suicide Jumps           2/18: 17          3/22: 20            Goal: 20

Push Up Jacks         2/18: 15          3/22: 24           Goal: 20

Low Plank Obliq    2/18: 68          3/22: 81            Goal: 80

So as you can see, there are some moves like Globe Jumps and Push Up Jacks where I have already exceeded my goal. Does that mean we give up? Hell no!

I guess this looks like great progress with the numbers in front of me on paper. However, if you asked me how I FEEL like I’m doing with, say, Push Up Jacks, I’d tell you I really struggle. Yes, I did 24, but I’m sure most of them were borderline unacceptable form. But the fact that I’m not modifying every single push-up exercise in this workout anymore is reason enough for celebration. It’s easy to forget where you started when you’re still being challenged.

Here’s my body measurement progress

Waist     2/18: 27″      3/22: 26.25″

Bust       2/18: 33.25″      3/22: 32.25″

Hips      2/18: 38.25″      3/22: 37.25″

Arm       2/18: 11″      3/22: 10.67″

Thigh    2/18: 20.75″      3/22: 20.50″

So this is interesting. I’ve made the most difference in my bust and hips, which is fine. But I really wish I could tone up my arms a bit more. The workouts are so lower body/core focused that I see why I may not be finding much of a change in my upper body. However, the Max workouts have a ton of plank/push-up variations so we will see where I am over the next four weeks.

I was pleased to see SOMETHING move in my thigh measurement. The number of jumps, squats, sprints, etc. etc. I’ve been doing  is ridiculous so the fact that not too much has changed in my legs is insulting. However, I take the ‘Thigh’ measurement around my upper thigh so (hopefully) I’m replacing some fat with muscle mass. It’s definitely the meaty part of my leg.

I was thinking this weekend, and also looking through some pictures of me over the past year or so, that I don’t think I look too much different. Could I be getting similiar if not better results with the workouts I had been doing? Should I still be running? There are times I start to doubt my decision to take 10 weeks to do these workouts and really nothing else. I like to think I had an effective workout schedule before Insanity, and if I just focused on kicking it up a notch and being a little better with my diet I could be feeling and looking exactly how I want. I’m actually looking forward to going back to some of the other things I like to do, like weights and running.

Therefore, this week I busted my ass with the Max workouts but don’t feel like I’m making too much progress. This can probably be explained by my T-rex cycle. So (boys cover your ears) I am currently having trouble getting my period. I get it about a week later than normal as is, and we’re a week past that right now. Not fun. I’m not sure about anyone else, but I know that my  body builds up to a ‘P’ – I get bloated and cranky and just miserable but the release when I finally get it is a miracle. I feel fresh and lean.  I finally feel like Amanda again. I’ve been looking forward to this release. Since I haven’t gotten it, I feel like I’m in this limbo phase where I’m not really T-Rex anymore, but I’m feeling pudgey and not seeing results after all the maniac workouts I’ve been doing. Sigh.

This may be a stretch, but I read that it is possible for our bodies to stop our cycle during times of excessive exercise or change in exercise behavior. I’m talking like gymnists and athletes. Basically, your body goes into a state where it shuts off all non-essential processes, and reproduction is one of them. It sounds a little extreme in my case, but I have been super regular for the past 6 months or so and to be fair these Max workouts are the longest most intense workouts I have every done.

I’m really hoping it’s a false alarm and I get it this week. We’re off to Florida on Saturday and if I don’t feel thin and emotionally stable I will lose my mind!

Aside from that issue, overall I do feel that I am living on another level of balance and wellness. This was and still is my number one goal. I totally believe that when you feel whole and are running on all cylinders, you can face anything. And when you bfeel complete, you don’t need things, people, or jean sizes to make you feel alive. And little daily troubles don’t have such a negative impact on you. For the most part, this is what I’m experiencing. Of course every day I am still tested by little annoyances and times of not feeling 100%. But now that I have a little more direction and feel like I’m accomplishing something, it’s given me new perspective and something to be proud of. This workout program along with this blog feels right, it feels like Me. And that says a lot!

Shaun T just tweeted this link – check out this video on Insanity just to get a taste of the moves/intensity. I think some of the results they show here are definitely not normal, you can expect to lose a lot of fat if you are overweight but I’m not sure about getting so ripped. I’m certainly not looking like that!

So what’s next? Another obscene week of the Max workouts and then I’m off to FL for a week! I’m hoping to finally get my P before I leave so I can feel like myself (and not so bloated). During vacation I’m planning to try and do the videos as much as I can, but I will most likely start running again. It will be a nice change of pace, and I’m anxious to see how it feels to not religiously complete a ridiculous Insanity workout every day. We shall see!


3 Comments on “insanity diaries: day 43”

  1. Babygirl says:

    Just reading your blog has definitely inspired me to start working out again to become more tone. Thanks for the inspiration and the great post 🙂

  2. enjoy that Florida weather!

    I read the whole post all the way through, even thought I am a guy and don’t have clue in the world what you could be talking about—

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