36broadway on location at siesta key beach

Check this out! Believe it or not, this was only done with an iphone, a bomb camera, and a creative boyfriend.

36broadway comes with me everywhere I go! More fabulous pics from our trip coming soon.


we’re on vacation!

Florida here we come! We’re hopping on the first flight to Orlando in the morning, and then down to Siesta Key on Tuesday. How jealous are you that this will be my point of view for a week!

Of course, serious workouts will be part of 6 out of 7 days but I must say I’m looking forward to going a little lighter with Insanity. I am wiped from this past week, 5 days straight of super intense Max workouts. But who am I kidding, I’m an addict and will be jonesing for a good sweat sesh in 18 hours.

So I must finish packing, see you next week!


spread the word: best reads of the week vol. 1

I do a lot of reading. Yes, I wish I meant Great American Literature but I actually mean anything remotely related to 36broadway scattered across the world wide web.

So I’ve decided to start sharing my top reads each week. Picks will always be from sites that I find to be highly credible and inspiring, and those I personally look up to. It’s my way of sharing content relative to my site while giving a big shout-out.

Here’s what I’ve been reading this week:

Tiny Buddha – Let Go of Control: How to Learn the Art of Surrender. Are you a control freak? I am. Well, I’m recovering and only thanks to a slew of inspiration from Tiny Buddha. This is one of Lori’s guest posts from Dr. Amy Johnson from Modern Enlightenment. Here, she speaks about the root causes of control and attachment and how to free ourselves for a unburdened and more peaceful existence. Yes, please!

Thrive Personal Fitness – The Reward Factor. I can’t count how many times I have seen food suggested to be used for rewarding yourself after a tough workout or sticking to a plan. And we’re not talking about a celery sticks. In this post, Pamela of Thrive Personal Fitness discusses how developing a mindset that it’s ok to incent yourself with high calorie foods in order to get fit can be detrimental to your health and progress. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a repeat offender to the weekend diet-derailer, but this puts it in perspective and I can see how some may take it a bit too far, especially those just starting a wellness program.

Fit Sugar – Vegan Snack Recipes.  I’m a sucker for a slide show of tasty, nutritious, and quick anytime snacks. Fit Sugar get’s it right with 10 yummy take-anywhere options that incorporate filling fiber, good fats, and protein. I especially like the Apple & Nut Butter Sandwiches and Edamole – what great ideas! Perfect for the girl-on-the-go.

Momentum Gathering – A Simple Guide to Remembering Who You Are. This is one for me. A simple but powerful reminder of how it’s important to remember and recognize who we really are amidst the chaos of our lives.  When I shift my focus and let myself ‘feel’ me, I find myself in some of my most content times, regardless of what else is going on. I know with a full-time job, this site that I just love sinking my teeth into, along with obligations to family and friends, it’s easy to move furiously from one thing to the next without a much purpose or a sense of self. Learn how to stop, look, and listen to the one that does it all.

What inspired you this week?

caught red handed at 3am!

Further evidence has been provided in the case of late-night diet killer vs. innocent girl with a cause to live healthy. Needless to say, innocent girl has been charged as guilty! At least it was all natural.

to do or not to do, that is the question

I’m not even two weeks into 36broadway. I’m like a newborn in the web nursery of user created content. I just about had a seizure when I hit 100 views.

In this short time, I’ve had a spectrum of emotions…excitement, purpose, motivation, optimism mixed with feeling a bit overwelmed, discouraged, and confused. My original intention was (and still is) to do this for me. No one else. To create something that is 100% Amanda – some people have hobbies or play sports. I wanted to find an outlet to document my life, my challenges, and my progress. And share my inspirations on the road to a life of balance, freedom, and wellness.

But what if I want to do more?  Take it to the next level, inspire others, and some day build a brand? As I learn more and more about this world, the more overwhelmed I am to think about standing out among the crowd. Especially when it’s filled with those who have been out there for years and are really, REALLY good at it.

I was reading something earlier on Tiny Buddha that was a bit discouraging. Then I took a deep breath, reminded myself of my purpose and that no one else can be me or do exactly what I’m doing, and found this inspiring post. And it was just what I needed.

create your own dream job from Zen Habits

Read it Here: Can’t Find Your Dream Job? Create Your Own

I’m loving his specific examples and practical, step-by-step advice in this article. Here are my thoughts:

All of us go through similar stages in life. Some stages may take longer or be more difficult for some than for others, but the ideas of growing up, becoming independent, and making a life of your own are familiar to most everyone.

I’m currently in a phase where now that I have an established post-college life and source of income, I’m itching for what’s next. How can I live my life to the fullest and maximize my strengths in order to live the life that was meant for me? Where I’m fulfilled and balanced as possible? I’m obsessed with the idea of all the possibilities the internet and this age of technology can offer, and I’m inspired by those who have taken what would normally be considered a hobby or pastime and translated it into a successful living. I don’t loathe my job, but I almost sure I’m not fully utilizing my innate strengths in the best way possible. And I lack passion. Why settle?

One of the places I’ve found tremendous inspiration is Zen Habits. I would like to share 90% of the posts on this site but that is for another day. Tonight I found the fantastic read above about how it’s possible to live, breathe, and work your passion. It’s such a simple concept – living what you love, and loving what you live. Most of us are quick to overlook or don’t consider this idea because we’re brought up to believe that making a living almost always involves doing something you hate. We end up working to live. As it turns out, when you pursue a lifestyle based on your passions and leverage the strengths you were born with, you can create your own dream job. I bet this feels pretty darn great, and of course comes with a lot of hard work. But it’s up to you to own it! Never count on anyone else to do it for you.