we’re on vacation!

Florida here we come! We’re hopping on the first flight to Orlando in the morning, and then down to Siesta Key on Tuesday. How jealous are you that this will be my point of view for a week!

Of course, serious workouts will be part of 6 out of 7 days but I must say I’m looking forward to going a little lighter with Insanity. I am wiped from this past week, 5 days straight of super intense Max workouts. But who am I kidding, I’m an addict and will be jonesing for a good sweat sesh in 18 hours.

So I must finish packing, see you next week!



where I’ll be in 21 days

Ahhh gorgeous Siesta Key. Let the countdown begin!

Note: This is not my photo because I can’t figure out how to save a photo from my own album on a Mac from Facebook. I have, however, shared the link to where I found this gem. And will of course be sharing actual pictures as soon as we come back next month!