insanity diaries: day 56

Today marks my eighth full week of Insanity completed. At this point, it feels normal, like  a way of life. We got back from Florida a couple days ago and although I felt ill due to some sort of cold/flu I picked up from the boyfriend and a serious heat rash, I managed to sneak in 3 days of the Insanity workouts. Along with a couple other days of running.

Although I was skeptical, I’m happy to report that my running endurance hasn’t skipped a beat despite my 6-week hiatus. Actually, it almost felt like Insanity has helped build it. I could run easily for half an hour straight with some self-induced short bouts of sprints. Thank goodness! Right where I want to be, especially with warm, perfect for running weather upon us.

Since I haven’t been feeling so well, the last couple days of Insanity workouts have been a struggle. I’m hoping it’s because I’m battling a bug and not because I took a few days off over vacation. I’m sure it’s the former, since I have that icky I-don’t-want-to-move-another-inch feeling that comes when fighting something. I managed to sneak in Core, Cardio & Balance yesterday and this morning I pushed myself through Max Cardio Conditioning. And then jumped right back in bed. Yuk, I hate feeling terrible.

So believe it or not, I only have 2 more full weeks of my Insanity schedule. I can’t believe it’s coming to an end! As I mentioned previously, it’s not really an ‘end’ but just a time to start the next phase. I heard last week that Insanity Asylum is being released this month so I will most likely try to sink my teeth into that next. Above all, I’m planning to create a hybrid workout schedule that incorporates Insanity, running, and some of my old favorite Jillian Michael’s workouts.

I’m hoping that I’m feeling back to 100% over the next couple days so the Max workouts don’t kill me this week. I really want to push it through these last 2 weeks, and that is nearly impossible when your body is dragging. I could really REALLY live without these last 5lbs that won’t seem to budge.

The week before vacation I was feeling progress with the harder workouts and starting to get my mind and body to a place where I can totally ‘dig deeper.’ That’s what it’s all about, and I’m realizing that the only way to take it to the next level of fitness is to either get your mind out of it or along for the ride with the right mentality. I remember reading somewhere along the line that our minds are actually programmed to prohibit us from giving it our absolute all physically, this comes from the times where energy conservation was key to survival. So, I just remind myself during the points in these workouts where moving another inch feels like my legs may fall off that I CAN do it and my physical limits are all in my head and yes, these crazy workouts do end.

I endure another Fit Test this week. It will be interesting to see where I’m at with my week of vacation/being sick!